Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How will the ACA impact children's mental health care?

Well... we've already been given some details on how things will improve, but we're about to find out more! The White House has called for a special debriefing on August 21st to outline the specifics of the Affordable Care Act and how it impacts mental health services. The FFCMH, as a collaborating partner on the Consumer, Family, Peer & Recovery Community Coalition, was invited to attend this meeting and bring along 20 members to represent our organization. (SO, this is the part where I'm jumping up and down and about to burst with excitement -- YES, I made the list!) And I am grateful for the opportunity to experience first hand the great changes ahead that will make sure all children and families have access to mental health care.
I've been doing my homework on the details of the ACA, and also spent time this evening with 4 current and 1 previous state directors of FFCMH chapters, talking about all of the great things happening for children and families with mental health needs. I'm excited to do my part in sharing information about the ACA and making sure that it keeps youth and families in the drivers seat when it comes to services that are right for each individual -- not 'cookie cutter' therapy.
Thanks to another great children's mental health advocate, Brittany Smith of Build Social,as she pointed me in the direction of a great informational video that outlines the ACA so that we can all understand the details better. Be sure to take a look.  http://kff.org/health-reform/video/health-reform-hits-main-street/

A photo from dinner this evening with one of my new advocate friends, Kathy Holsopple, Vermont State FFCMH Director  

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