Monday, May 6, 2013

Canada Celebrates Awareness Week Too!

The Institute of Families for Child & Youth Mental Health is helping Canada to celebrate Children's Mental Health this week also! This organization led by Keli Anderson, their Executive Director, is helping to share information to help families navigate the mental health system while receiving support as they go. At the Federation of Families here in the US, we are proud to have the Institute of Families as a sister organization and also extremely happy they adopted the green ribbon as their symbol! We love how they have made it their own by shaping it into a heart!
The Institute of Families for Child & Youth Mental Health (IF) is a central coordinating organization that acts as the catalyst to connect families with mental health care providers, policy makers, educators, researchers, service providers and businesses across Canada. Tomorrow they will officially release their FamilySmart Initiative -- a trademark that will identify and endorse practices, research, policies, programs and services, which relate to child and youth mental health, and are meaningful and make a difference to families. 
I just can't express what a wonderful undertaking this is for children and families! I wish them all of the success possible and I look forward to seeing great things from them for years to come. Be sure to visit the new FamilySmart website when it goes live tomorrow!

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