Thursday, April 11, 2013

Never Underestimate Your Influence

Social media provides the opportunity for people to express themselves and observe the expressions of others. Because of this, we should never underestimate the power of even a single word! Sharing a photo becomes powerful, seeing a "like" or a "follow" causes interest and curiousity, and a sentence or two opens windows to the soul -- all for everyone else to observe.
Even though I strive to focus my social media messages on gathering support for children's mental health, the month of April brings another opportunity to focus on the health and wellness of children. April is Prevent Child Abuse Month, and so supporters of the cause showcase the color blue as much as possible.
Paint your nails blue day!
The Coalition to Prevent Child Abuse in Southeastern Illinois created opportunities and activities for everyone this April that were extremely easy to do. One of those was "Paint Your Nails Blue" Day. Not a color you'll see on my fingers and toes, it definitely presents a conversation starter. If even one person notices and makes a comment, then there's a chance to share the message. Post a photo with a caption on Facebook, and now you double or triple the exposure and possible influence.

I don't have a popularity status that moves mountains, but even if I move one pebble at a time, I'm helping to make a difference. If you like being in photos (it's obvious I do!), or you just like posting on Facebook or Twitter, how about making a few posts about Child Abuse Prevention before the month of April is gone? Never, ever, ever underestimate who you might reach!

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