Monday, March 11, 2013

Developing Partnerships for Children's Mental Health

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Part of sharing the children's mental health message is establishing partnerships with well known community organizations or individuals that will lend their community influence to your particular marketing goal. When you find that unique partnership that benefits both parties, the result is quite an exciting opportunity to showcase what each party brings to the community at large.
As we head into preparation for National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day in May, it makes me extremely proud to see the partnerships we have established and continue to nurture between community governments and the children's mental health awareness movement. Last year, Project Connect showcased a collection of 18 mayor proclamations, which announced the observance of Awareness Day. It was quite a marketing accomplishment when we created a newspaper ad that showed photos of 18 Mayors, establishing that even from government point of view, children's mental health is one issue we all need to be giving our attention. With the two ads we developed, distribution in our communities exceeded the population of our three counties by almost 5,000 copies. We chose two publications that are delivered free of charge to all homes and businesses in our three county area.
We are working our hardest to make these mayor proclamations happen again in 2013. This year we are hoping to get all 19 mayors, which will be every community in White, Gallatin, and Saline Counties in Illinois.
SAMHSA helps to make proclamations an easier task by providing a template that can be used at the state or local level. We are even adapting it for schools and other community organizations this year. If you would like to use the SAMHSA template for proclamations in your area, you can find it at If you'd like more information on how we accomplished our proclamations, you can contact me and I will be glad to share with you our process!

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